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What Is It?  Discover Scuba Diving (or DSD) will introduce you to the basics of diving.  You will experience and learn to breathe underwater with scuba gear and be introduced to some basic dive skills.

How Much? ​$150

How Long?  DSD takes around 2 hours to complete

What's Included?  Everything!  All the rental gear you will need, tank, air, weights, paperwork, lessons and pool fees are included.

What Can I Do With DSD?  Discover Scuba Diving is designed to give you initial exposure to diving.  It's sort of a wet run (get it?); however, you will not be certified after completing.  If you decide to travel to some tropical locale, you either would need to complete a DSD there or enroll in an Open Water class.  BUT, if after completing a DSD with us you decide to enroll in an Open Water class at GetDownScuba, we will credit the entire DSD course fee toward the Open Water class. 

Prerequisites:  10-years old or older and a desire to get down

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