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Refresher Course

What Is It?  Has it been more than 18 months since your last dive?  Headed on a trip to the Caribbean and want to get in some warmup dives?  Feeling just a bit rusty?  Dive gear have a two inch layer of dust covering it?  Wetsuit too small?  If you can answered "yes" to any of these questions, a Refresher is in order.  This course consists of two dives during which our instructor will work with you on any or all Open Water Scuba Diver skills to get you back in diving shape.

How Much? ​$125

How Long?  Refresh takes around 2-4 hours complete

What's Included?  Tanks, Air, Lake Fees and Instruction.  Rental gear is extra, but very inexpensive.

Why Refresh?  Your Open Water Scuba Certification does not expire; however, if it's been a while since you have dived it is a good idea to tune up (besides, a lot of dive boats will not let you go out if it's been longer than 18 months since your last dive)

Prerequisites:  Proof of Open Water Scuba Diver (or comparable agency cert). 

Do I have to be PADI Certified?  Nope!  Since this is not a certification class, we can refresh any agency cert you have (PADI, SSI, SDI, NAUI, YMCA, etc.)

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