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Rescue Diver

What is it?  Rescue Diver is the most physically demanding, yet rewarding, course that many divers consider their favorite course.

How Much?  $475 Includes everything except rental gear.

How Long Will it Take?  It depends.  You can choose the e-learning option for self study at your pace and then complete skills/scenarios in one to two days.  Alternatively, you may conduct self-study using the Rescue Diver Manual and Video, then complete Knowledge Reviews and skills/scenarios over a 3-day period (which doesn't have to be consecutive).

What Can I do with it?  Save the world, of course (not).  You will become a more confident diver and perhaps be able to assist yourself or others in the event of a diving incident.

Prerequisites.  Must be at least 12 years old, rated beyond Open Water and have completed an EFR Course (Primary and Secondary) within the last 24 months.   You can always add EFR to the Rescue Course through us.

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