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Open Water Scuba Diver

What is it?  Open Water diver is your passport to adventure.  In this course you will learn dive theory, equipment, skills and technique.  And you will have fun!  The course includes Knowledge Development, Confined Water Skills/Dives and Open Water Skills and Dives.

How Much Does it Cost? ​$799

How Long Will it Take?

​​Everyone learns best at their own pace, so there is no minimum or maximum time limits. The goal is to become a safe, comfortable  and confident diver. A sample course layout can be found here.

What's Included? Almost everything! Course materials, rental gear (bcd, regulator, gauges, tanks, air, weights) paperwork, lessons and pool and quarry fees are included. Personal gear (masks, fins/boots, snorkel) are personal (hence the name) and should be purchased by you prior to beginning the Confined Water portion of the course. We don't sell gear but will be happy to assist you in finding the right gear locally or on-line!

What Can I Do With Open Water Diver? Um ... A ton! As a Certified Open Water Diver you can dive almost anywhere. The underwater world down to 60' is now your playground - that means, reefs, outside wrecks, fish, sharks, whales, seahorses.

Prerequisites: 10-years old or older and a strong desire to get down

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